dzieńdobry, this is my personal portfolio website. 

i’m working in the fields of new media, graphic design, animation and painting based in katowice, poland.
co-creator of: tajny_projekt
kacper mutke


SiXa, Katowice,

Projection mapping, performance

Created as tajny_projekt
Photos: Agnieszka Seidel–Kożuch, Marco Dagi
Performer: Agata Sokół

The installation combined with performace was inspired by the occult climate of the Janowska Group (1946). It was an attempt to create alchemical synthesis of many ingredients: animality and humanity, nature and technology, religiosity and eroticism, in the hope of creating a new quality that will not be a simple sum of its ingredients. The installation consisted of a static horse sculpture with generative glitch mapped onto its surface. The wall behind the horse was covered with collage animation. Next to the horse there was a window with a performer whose body was covered with generative animation, mapped on it with live adjusting mapping. Behind her, afterimages remained and were blended with an animation on the wall. The installation was placed on an exhibition dedicated to the artworks of the two non-professional artists from Katowice.