dzieńdobry, this is my personal portfolio website. 

i’m working in the fields of new media, graphic design, animation and painting based in katowice, poland.
co-creator of: tajny_projekt
kacper mutke


Laser version:

Paweł Janicki o Obserwatorium dźwięku (6:40—11:00):

Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice,

Master’s degree installation
Experimental video-art, animation

Music: Tomasz Bednarczyk
Lector: Jarosław Łukomski

Sound observatory is an interactive educational multimedia installation for observing sound. The installation consists of two parts. The first part of the installation is an animation that provides the user with basic knowledge about the physical properties of sound waves. The second part is interactive. By generating sound using a controller-synthesizer user gets a picture of the sound interpreted by a specially adapted Vectrex screen. The installation allows us to see changes in the sound process after changing basic parameters, such as amplitude or frequency, adding effects and audio filters, or using a microphone. The whole experience brings the viewer closer to the nature of sound and shows the logic of images of harmonic vibrations known mathematically as the Lissajous figures.
Thanks to: Michał Urbański , Piotr Ceglarek, Filip Mutke

• GRY I ZABAWKI exhibition,
Miejsce Projektów Zachęty, Warszawa, Polska
• Best media art graduation projects WRO Bennale 2020, Wrocław, Polska
• medal of the rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice for the diploma project
• Design 32 Competition - The best design diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts 2020, Katowice, Polska

• Symularis 仿真星系
Polish digital art exhibition
OCT Boxes Art Museum, Shunde near Guangzhou, China

• 2nd edition PAVILION 0/2
continuation of the project from the Biennale di Venezia 2019 and the grand opening of the 7th Mediations Biennale Polska 2020,
House Umemi v Opave / Czech Republic
as tajny_projekt