dzieńdobry, this is my personal portfolio website. 

i’m working in the fields of new media, graphic design, animation and painting based in katowice, poland.
co-creator of: tajny_projekt
kacper mutke


Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice,

Painting, mapping & sound:
Kacper Mutke
Video installation is an attempt to establish a dialogue between the trace created manually and the digital trace. The desire to undertake this discussion appeared with me along with a slow conversion of the traditional painting workshop into software / hardware. 

The trace of the gesture painted on the canvas is a study of the structure of the trace of oil paint, previously made as a few-centimeter sample on the cardboard - but six times the scale. The spontaneity of the hand collides here with a digital experiment. Based on the technique of mapping, I try to extract graphic values resulting from the physicality of the trace and its structure. I mix them with the video -animation projection, which the brush trail treats as the next canvas, not the final stage of the painting. Also, sounds reminiscent of wind noise or rocking at times turns out to be only an analogue generated white noise .