dzieńdobry, this is my personal portfolio website. 

i’m working in the fields of new media, graphic design, animation and painting based in katowice, poland.
co-creator of: tajny_projekt
kacper mutke


Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice,

Multimedia installation
Graduate/Bachelor degree project
Co-op: Gonia Pawińska, Michał Urbański

Music: Kamil Tuszyński
What are the feelings of a person entering a new, unknown reality whose rule is only empirically known, having only knowledge acquired in the world known to him? Each of us experienced this situation shortly after birth, but it was impossible to retain that experience. Imagine, however, that by disposing of the knowledge we have acquired "we are entering the world" once again. This world, seemingly similar to the previous one, is governed by other rules that initially remain a mystery. Meanwhile, the new Universum is not something completely alien - we still have five senses, so in the same way as the previous world, we can know this undiscovered.

One of the part from part:NATURE

Inspired by the history of Kaspar Hauser, we have started to create an interactive multimedia installation that could enable us to enter the novum in the created space.
In order to create the opportunity to generate new visual stimuli, we set out to build an environment for a potential viewer - contemporary Kaspar. This is the result of a widescreen installation: three interlocking screens that show the images they narrate and the way reality is presented give the opportunity to move to an environment in which the rules of perceiving events break down, cut the time to such an extent that it destroys the known recipient periodicity.
Libretto is meant to develop a nonstandard perception of what the viewer is perceiving. New rules, unusual perspective, but still tangentially familiar - this time is shown in a different way, so that the sensibility of belonging to the new world is increasing and encouraging exploration.
With the use of RGB glasses and Kinect as a tracking device, giving the audience the chance to interact, we want to get the impression of being in a new environment, as well as the opportunity to influence events that without the audience lose their chronology. We put the viewer in a non-standard situation and leave him alone with a multitude of experienced stimuli. We want to realize a different direction of perception, a non-traditional way of thinking about space, to break away from what is known - to provoke in the exploring desire to discover, as a result of the curious character of the world, which in the era of universal digitization somewhere lost.

Installation consist of three projection canvas and Microsoft Kinect sensor. The objective was to explore the way we perceive perspective, and to use our body as an interface instead of mouse or keyboard. It was necessary to program soft - display system connected with sequencer and interaction. It was created in Processing. To discover fully this artwork, it require to be watched through special three - color lenses. Playing around with red, blue and green channels in video we’ve achieved new way how to observe things. We can divide it on three basic parts:

Intro - interactive intro which starts video sequence, beginning from part one.
Part one “Nature” - three different experimental video expressions about nature.
Part two “Human” - three different experimental video expressions about human.

Source code available on: